Jan 1, 2010

Friday: New Year Run

Happy New Year! Another brand new year, another brand new day, time to put it all behind and start afresh. This year, like all years, I don't make a resolution but will continue to enjoy running.

I kicked off 2010 by doing a 14 mile trail run with my awesome running buddy Jay at the B&A trail. The Baltimore & Annapolis trail is a paradise for runners in the Baltimore/DC area. Being used to running in the city, waiting at street lights, and dodging buses, today's run was a refreshing start for this new year. It took us around 40 minutes to get there but I was instantly charmed by the place once we started and hit the wooded area. There was lightly packed snow in most places and slick icy roads due yesterday's rain. We only stopped twice briefly -- once to decide which direction to go, and the other to check out a curious bird-like metal sculpture. Otherwise, it was mostly crunch-crunch-crunch on the snow packed roads or holy-shit-I'm-about-to-slip on black ice. On the way back, I actually slipped and jerked my knee. It hurt but I did the remaining 3 miles anyways. I'll leave the rest to Advil and ice.

Distance: 14.06mi     Time: 01:58:42

After the run we stopped at Panera Bread for soup and breakfast sandwich -- perfect finish for a nice run. I have a feeling this year will be just fine!


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