Apr 11, 2010

Sunday: Cherry Blossom


  • Chip Time: 01:13:08   Gun Time: 01:15:44   Garmin Time: 01:12:30**
  • Fun race, Great weather!
  • Meeting Bill Rodgers
  • Free overnight stay in DC, thanks to Couch Surfing and Glen!
    **Garmin time is the time I spent actually running; not counting the one time I used the porta john.
Thanks to a friend, Genevieve, I got an entry into the Cherry Blossom this year. I had no idea about the history of this race when I signed up for it; it's been around for 38 years and is a popular tune-up race before Boston. This is also the first time I ran a 10 mile race. The weather was great and I enjoyed the race like it was a fun training run. I found this race better organized than the National Marathon right from the expo to the facilities at the start/finish line. Every race, I find one running poster from the cheering spectators stand out from the rest. This race it was "Run like you stole something!"

Not only was the expo good but I also got to meet Bill Rodgers in person. Bill is one of my running heroes and seeing the man in person was a pilgrimage like experience. For the 10-15 minutes we talked, I walked away with some great trail running tips and a sense of awe.

For the first time, I used Couch Surfing. It's a great concept and thanks to my Couch Surfing host, Glen, for the overnight accommodation. Glen also happened to be the one of the most interesting & well traveled person I've met. We also went to a great restaurant, Busboys and Poets, for Saturday dinner; I had brown rice and beans with a side of guacamole  -- splendid!

The Piriformis stretches and the low mileage payed off. Today's run was pain-free but then again it was only 10 miles on a reasonably flat course. I will still be cautious for the Mountain MD marathon next Sunday. Keeping fingers crossed.


The Running Moron said...

Saturday, as I was walking through the lobby of the hotel I stayed at, which was the host hotel for the Cherry Blossom, Bill Rodgers walked right past me going the other way. I recognized him, and while I didn't say anything to him my face must have said, "Hey, aren't you..." He gave me a slight smile and looked at me with eyes that said, "yep, that's me." It was a neat moment.

I got to talk to Bart Yasso at the '09 National expo for a good 10 minutes or so. In fact, I couldn't get the guy to shut up. It's really cool how the pillars of running are so approachable, friendly and accommodating. I can't think of more easygoing stars in any other sport.

Sounds like you had a great run, and you finished with a great time. Glad you're currently not experiencing any pain and good luck this weekend!

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