Jan 10, 2010

Sunday: Falls Road Running Store

There is something cute about neighborhood running stores. As a regular runner, you keep visiting them often, get to know them, they get to know you, and offer recommendations. That sure beats the couple of dollars you might save ordering things off the Internet. In San Francisco, my favorite haunt was Fleet Feet in the Marina district and in Baltimore, it's the Falls Road Running Store which is just 5.6 miles from my place. Tucked away from Falls Road with a little sign, the store can be hard to locate if you are visiting there for the first time. But once inside, you'll be pleased with the cozy store, with walls decked with running bibs, and a very very friendly staff.  Since I was out of shot-blocks, today's run was to go to the running store and back. Falls Road is not very runner friendly and I would run on this route only if I have to go to the store. Besides having no or very tiny pavements on Falls Road, running on Lake Ave. can be very scary. This is a hilly, windy road with many sharp turns and heavy traffic that can be an invitation to running disasters. Lake Ave. should definitely be avoided when there is no daylight as it is scantly illuminated. Not having a car (on purpose), I am somewhat willing to take this risk.

Distance: 11.2 mi    Time: 01:35:00

My Garmin 405 seems to be having a problem. It's not recovering from autopause when I start running. Tomorrow, I will try disabling the autopause option. This is very annoying considering the money I spent on it.


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