Jan 17, 2010

Sunday: Running in the rain

Okay, Ravens got it bad yesterday but my day today turned out splendid. Jay and I did our 20mi run today at the beautiful B&A trail again. The weather was 41 degrees with light rain but that was anticipated and we went prepared. The entire run was smooth and fun except that if you're running early Sunday morning on this trail, don't expect places with water. We drank from a bathroom sink which is fine by me compared to the inconvenience of a fuel belt. Post run we went hunting for burritos and settled at Chevy's where we saw the tortilla machine in action while wolfing down the fajita burrito. Food never tasted so good. We made two quick stops before heading home, first at the road runner store and then at the H Mart where I got this curious looking fruit (pic above) called fuyu. I tried one of these at home and it has an interesting texture and flavor. At first it appeared like eating pumpkin flesh but soon the flavor developed into something distinct and mellow.

Distance: 20.1mi    Time:02:56:55


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