Jan 9, 2010

Saturday: Trail run

Jay and I hit the BWI-B&A trail again this morning. After a hectic work week and another late nighter yesterday, I snoozed all three alarms I set for our 6am run and woke up 10 mins before we were supposed to start. After frantic layering up (24 degrees today morning), chewing the leftover shot-blocks I rushed outside 10 mins late with a morning face to find Jay waiting for me. Isn't he awesome? The trail is a bit of a drive from where we live but we finally made it at 6:47 -- not bad considering how close I was to missing this run.

Distance: 16.1 miles  Time: 02:17:00
The BWI-B&A trail is actually two trail paths (BWI trail and the B&A trail) with some interspersed suburban roads. This running route is quickly becoming my favorite place to run in Baltimore. I was happy to miss the traffic that I usually deal with on my weekday runs and run like a pair of rabbits on the snow covered trail (2 inches). Apart from the usual jumpy squirrels, we also spotted a furry red fox today! The trail today was much better with almost no ice than what we found on new year's day.

Another perfect run except the morning rush left me with no time to eat and I ran out of gas around 1/2 mile towards the end of the run. Another small technical glitch was the bezel was unlocked on my Garmin and part of the running route, highlighted by the blue straight line, was not recorded.  Obviously we did not run as the crow flies on the trail, so I'm noting today's distance from our average pace (8:30 min/mi) and the run time on Jay's watch (2:17). Post run food was a bottle of vitamin water, an egg & cheese sandwich, and a coffee at Panera.

Postlude: I discovered this amazing song that Jay played on our way to the trail. Enjoy!


The Running Moron said...

I haven't run the B&A trail, mostly because it's a 35 minute or so drive from home to get there, but I'm going to have to check it out soon. Have you ever run the NCR trail? It's a great place to run and features lots of wildlife.

What The Run said...

I have been meaning to run NCR. I might do it soon. B&A is worth the travel!

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