Jan 26, 2010

Tuesday: Escape to the Fort

Baltimore's great weather streak seems to be ending and it was a cold day today but I was so grateful to be out there running after a rough day at school. Today especially sucked. A paper I had submitted to a conference got rejected and I woke up in the morning reading the rejection email. So after sulking all morning and getting busy in the afternoon, I finally managed to get through this day. There was nothing else I would rather do on such a lousy day other than go for a nice run. There are somethings I can depend on in life to cheer me on, like mom, and running.

The temperature was in the low 30s with a mild breeze and it felt perfect to go for a late night run to the harbor, fort and back. The traffic was thin but I should be careful on these late night runs. Today I was so close to be knocked down by a reckless driver speeding in the opposite direction!

Distance: 14.10mi    Time: 02:01:34


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