Jan 24, 2010

Sunday: Fort and Canton

I am not a morning person! This is very bad if you've scheduled a morning run with me. I slept through all the alarms I set and woke up like five minutes before I had to leave. I suspect getting to bed at 3am had something to do with it. A panic call to Jay and we decided to run almost 45 mins later. I suck at getting up in the mornings and appreciate Jay for his patience. On marathon days when the race begins early am, I usually end up staying up all night which is bad. I ought to figure out a way to get sleep on-demand without resorting something like melatonin.

Distance: 21.14     Time: 02:49:54

Anyways, the run began nicely once I got started. I met Jay at his place and continued running towards Fort McHenry, five loops around the fort, then to Canton before heading back. My Garmin is missing part of the run and not sure what's going on. The battery seems alright but whenever it loses satellite reception it does not resume after the reception becomes available requiring a manual restart. For instance, in today's run it shows (pic on left) me flying over water, blue line, while I actually retraced my path. After adding this distance correction (1.28 miles), today's run was a little over 21 miles. Post run drink was 1/2 quart buttermilk. Lunch followed shortly. I'm now ready to hit the books.


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