Jan 23, 2010

Saturday: Raison d'courir

Why do you run? That question feels somewhat pointless like "Why do you eat?" or "Why do you breath?" Okay I am wrong about equating eating and breathing with running. Some people do run for a reason. Working towards a race goal? Running away from being the person you are? Running towards the person you want to be? Trying to forget something? Hoping to remember something? Rest of us run without a reason. Why should everything have a purpose? I often run when I can't think of anything else to do. I often run when I'm stuck in my research and don't know what to do as if I'm telling myself that I'm going somewhere even when I'm stuck.

Today morning I woke up with a complete blank mind as if I was coming out of a coma. I kept lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking what I should do. Today was my rest day but I was sure of one thing -- if there was one thing that will get me out that bed it would be running. So, I did a tiny run to get my day started.


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