Jan 3, 2010

Sunday: The Painted Ladies

Sunday morning marks the official end of vacation period. Life is going to be crazy from tomorrow, especially this first week. But why not enjoy this bliss while it lasts? Although today was my rest day, my feet were tickling and I had to go for a run but I took it easy. The streets were clear, ice free, and safe but today's running weather was far from perfect. The weather outside was 24 degrees but the heavy wind made it feel like 18 degrees. While running today, I happened to pass through Abell and Guilford Avenues and had a new appreciation for the "Painted Ladies" -- beautiful Victorian style homes with colored columns. This place is in North Central Baltimore and is a part of the Charles Village where I live. I ran through this neighborhood towards downtown and back. The Traffic Gods were mostly kind on me and I had to stop only at two street lights. Running back was very interesting. If you haven't run uphill, against 9mph wind in cold, you should. It is fun!

Distance: 5.61mi  Time: 49:43

This Feb, I will be running the New Orleans Madi Gras marathon and all workouts from this week onwards will be focussed on that. My goal for this year at large, is not on tempo but on keeping the mileage high and avoiding injuries. Wish me luck!


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