Dec 26, 2009

Saturday: Recovery run

Why does it feel that Christmas is not yet over! I am still in that holiday mood for not doing anything other than running. For the most part of the day, I ate, slept, cleaned the house, and messed it up again. The weather outside is becoming warmer. 48 degrees, really? Perfect weather to run long distances but today was a recovery day for me. So, I did a slow 7 mile run to flush the toxins away. Reading Galloway's book, I realized I am not hydrating enough. Jeff seems to be drinking from a fire-hose all the time!

Distance: 7.26mi  Time: 01:06:49

I am spending my "rest" day tomorrow playing tourist in DC with a friend and his wife visiting from California. Excited!

Update: Whoa! I just noticed that my random route today was nice and hilly. Must remember this route for future runs.


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