Dec 10, 2009

It's all about food

Okay, it's not all junk food that I eat but hey cravings are better off gone at once. Talking yourself into "I will eat a little bit of junk each day. Moderation is the key." is also not a good idea. That leads to snacking junk food which can become a serious problem. My take, you want to eat junk food, no problemo. Just down the entire bag of chips or whole bar of candy until you don't feel anything for it. Then you can mind your running business without feeling deprived.

Today's breakfast was obscenely healthy -- Steel cut oats and flax seed meal with Greek yogurt topped with fresh blackberries and honey. This is high calorie breakfast but every bit of it is gold. The orange juice was a perfect finish to what turned out to be a yummy breakfast. This breakfast costed me about $2 to make, much better (and cheaper) than grabbing a sandwich on the go. Steel cut oats take while to cook so I usually make a big batch and put it in the refrigerator.

Lunch was a similar heat and eat fare. I had pre-cooked a big bag of fusilli and stocked it in the fridge. The vegetables are the microwave-in-the-bag ones found in the frozen food aisle and the chicken salad was from a deli. I LOVE vegetables, so you will find a more than generous portion in my plate :-) This deal costed me around $4 to make but way cheaper than eating out. Also, most restaurants only offer you a mingy portion of veggies.

I did do a Starbucks on my way to school, costed me $3.56 - just noting it down here to compare to the other sumptuous meals I had today.  Okay, one weakness at a time!

Dinner was simple; just hummus on a slice of bread, a handful of nuts, and a banana. Running tomorrow with a friend early morning.


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