Dec 9, 2009

Towards Loyola college

I missed BOMF timed run today morning. But who really get's up at 4:30? Because that's how early I should get up to be at Christopher's Place by 5:30 am. On race days when I've to be up early I end up not sleeping at all but can't do that every week for the BOMF run -- esp. for short runs.

Today's run was towards Loyola college. I went in my comfortable 8 mile pace. But the biggest change was my shoes -- I'm trying out a new pair!

Distance: 5.73 miles   Time: 50:15

Today's pre run food is the junkiest I've ever had. Some of you runners might cringe looking at this list but at least I got all of my cravings out of the way:

Mayan hot chocolate from Carma's in the morning
Chocolate croissant from Marie Louis Bistro -- yum!
More coffee
One bag of my favorite potato chips.

I am now noticing that my eating is not exactly on a
graduate student budget. Need to reduce eating out.


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