Dec 23, 2009

Tuesday: Harbor run

Wonderful weather today evening with a nice cool 34 degrees. Jay & I ran to the harbor, Fort McHenry, and back. The snow on the roads are mostly plowed, or walked over making it easier to run. But watch out for the clear roads with black ice! Those clear puddles of water with a dangerous icy film on the top waiting to deceive the most unsuspecting runner. On these days, your best bet would be to run on slush however yucky it might feel.

I still haven't figured out a way to beat the traffic lights and esp. with these road conditions you've got to be extra careful on the roads with approaching traffic. Fortunately, there was nice 4 mile patch around Fort McHenry where I could run uninterrupted with an avg 7:30 pace but overall this run took around 8 min/mile.

Distance: 13.5mi    Time: 01:51:28


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