Dec 30, 2009

Wednesday: Hamstering around Lake Montebello

After yesterday's pavement incident, I was really grateful to get any amount of running done today. I woke up in the morning with my knees still hurting but the swelling was mostly gone. That was a good sign. I popped another pain killer, rested and waited in hope for the pain to subside. By evening I was felling better, so I confirmed Jay last minute about today's run. We ran to Lake Montebello and did five loops before heading back home. Lake Montebello is a beautiful almost-flat oval loop in northeast Baltimore. On a nice warm day this place is milling with joggers, runners, dog walkers, housewives taking a stroll, bikers, and kids on skateboards. But on this cold (31 degrees) evening, we were pretty much the only ones there.

Distance: 11.20   Time: 01:33:46


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