Dec 29, 2009

Tuesday: Aborted long run

I had a long work day today and wanted to get fresh with a nice long run. But alas, I had to trip on a pavement, fall flat, and abort a run that had begun so well.

Distance: 2.82mi  Time: 26:00

I left today evening with an eager anticipation to run after a weary work day. The weather outside was a cool 24 degrees accompanied with a soft breeze. Feeling strong from last week's mileage and rest, I was very sure of doing a nice long run. Then it happened. I had just turned right from N. Charles to E. Northern parkway and went past the Grace United church. By now my pace was picking up, body warmed up, and then all of a sudden I tripped on a pavement and fell flat face down. I guess I was trying to protect my face and ended up landing on my left knee and left elbow. My leg hurt. My arm hurt. I was way too layered up to assess any damage there. It felt terrible to limp back to N. Charles and wait for a cab to head back home -- not just the physical pain but the agony of giving up a run. But when it comes to running, being sensible prevails over being a hero. I aborted the run.

I did learn a valuable lesson today. Always carry a few dollar bills instead of just a credit card. From where I was standing it was impossible to get a cab without a phone, and I don't carry my cellphone with me. After more than half an hour of limping/waiting, I found a bus to go back home. Fortunately, the driver was kind enough to let me ride for free after I explained my situation to her.

I got back home and inspected the damage. Turns out, I have a badly bruised knee and elbow. The knee is a tad swollen. For now, I'm taking a pain killer and keeping my fingers crossed.


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