Dec 27, 2009

Pasta Sunday

Today was my running sabbath! I met with my best pal and his wife in DC and kind of toured the city. After quickly seeing the obligatory monuments, we spent most of the time at the Arlington National Cemetery. There is something nice about this place -- beautiful and serene -- but it's also the first runner unfriendly place I've been to. There was this big sign at the entrance saying "no jogging". How about running, sprinting? May be I'm being borderline irreverent here but I guess that was my first reaction as a runner. Are there other public places where runners are prohibited?

The whole DC travel, catching up, etc left us with little time for breakfast and lunch, so we had a late meal of cannelloni spinach ricotta and gnocchi, and finished it with coconut  macaroons and latte. For dinner today, I just heated up a bowl of pasta fagioli (left) that I had made earlier. After my recent large expense computer purchase, I've been doing some cost cutting and started cooking at home. I am constantly surprised at how easy, cheap, healthy and efficient it is to cook at home. Ask me for a killer almost-instant pasta fagioli recipe :-)


decrepitude said...

The restrictions on runners at Arlington are consistent with other federal and Veterans' Administration cemeteries - almost a decade ago, there was some controversy because General Jack Keane, at the time the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army (whose office was in the Pentagon), ran the entire Army Staff in formation through Arlington because he was serving notice that some of them were out of shape (Keane is a former paratrooper, so there's a lot of running in his past). I looked a bit askance at their running through Arlington (or the Garden of Stone) because it just didn't feel right. I wouldn't feel right jogging through Arlington, but part of that is because some of my friends are buried there.

As an aside, seeing your maps is a blast from the past - I'm a onetime resident of Charles Village, and some of my best memories of being there included the two years I ran cross-country at Hopkins.

What The Run said...

Absolutely. The whole place feels eerily sacred and very moving even if you're not related to the residents there.

Thanks for stopping by and come back for more CV reminiscences!

PS: I go to Hopkins too :)

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