Dec 25, 2009

Friday: Christmas run

Merry Christmas everyone! The weather outside is simply awesome!! There were reports of freezing rain today morning but being a lazy morning person, I woke up late to this beautiful running weather. The temperature is a perfect 38 with a cool moist breeze. For the first time in days, I ran in shorts. It was funny to see people bundled up in layers coming out of churches from the Christmas service while you're running in shorty-shorts. I'm sure they were looking at me as if I were a freak! I did catch a few runners along the way, everyone in their long running pants.

 Distance: 13.62mi  Time: 01:51:20

I did the usual route to the Inner Harbor, Federal Hill, Fort McHenry, Little Italy, Fells Point before heading back with a comfortable 8:10 pace. The post run drink was a quart of chocolate milk. Yes, I drank a whole quart of chocolate milk! Isn't that worth running for? With all the calcium and Vit-D it's the best $1.69 I spent. What do you like to eat/drink after runs? My favorites are pizza and chocolate milk. I usually carry a credit card so I can buy something on the way but today being Christmas, most places were closed. After relaxing a bit, I heated up a HUGE lunch (left) that I had made earlier. Brown rice, tofu, 3 kinds of beans, mushrooms, celery, tomatoes and onions. Yum!


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