Mar 25, 2010

Thursday: The Dreaded Druid Hills

Today's run was through the "Dreaded Druid Hills" course. Someone who once participated in a DDH 10k said this at the finish line:

I love running hills, but that was mean and totally uncalled for.
My goal today was to run 5 miles on that course (approximately) but ended up doing more. I blame it on the weather. It is a BEAUTIFUL spring evening outside! The hills were not necessarily like Hyde Street  in San Francisco but just enough to challenge your glutes and hamstrings. The Druid Hill park itself appears as an aberration from rest of Baltimore city around it. I went through many parts of the park that I hadn't seen before. Did you know there is a cemetery, a K-9 training unit, a penguin education center, and metal ostrich sculptures in the park? There is also a model "safe city" in the park with tiny houses, street signs, etc -- a great place to take kids to teach about traffic signs. Of course, after all that I had to circle Druid Lake before heading back.

Distance: 9.05mi     Time: 01:21:28


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