Mar 31, 2010

A scary weekend and a slow week

12.53 mi @ 9min/mile
After two consecutive fantastic hill runs on Thursday and Friday, I took a rest day on Saturday but did a small 2 mile run at 8min/mile.

I was looking forward to a nice long run on Sunday at the B&A trail with Jay but who knew that I had a surprise in store. Barely after 6 miles into the run, I had severe pain in my right hip. It was hard to localize but every step sent a jolt through my leg. I've ran through pain earlier but this was the scariest experience during a run, especially with the Mountain MD marathon and Cherry Blossom around the corner. Every mile beyond that was an exercise in pain management until I was able to pop an Advil later and decided to cut short the run to 12.5 miles. I'm not a big fan of NSAIDs and usually do without them even after running a marathon but Sunday's pain attack was beyond me. The rest of Sunday was spent applying ice and compress and living in fear of something horrible. Needless to say, I chickened out on Monday and did not run.

10.53 mi @ 7:52min/mile
Tuesday morning felt somewhat different. The fear lingered but the desire to run was overwhelming. So, I did a small 3.5 mile run at 8.3 min/mile. This felt good. Legs okay. Hips okay. Hallelujah! I stopped at 3.5 so I don't "offend the gods"! Encouraged by Tuesday, I did a 1.5 mile warm up run at 8 min/mile followed by a run to the Fort and back (10.5 miles) at avg 7:52 min/mile. I am wary of this weekend's pain attack and its equally mysterious disappearance. I'm not complaining but keeping the fingers crossed. Just in case.


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