Mar 21, 2010

Sunday: Sleep deficit

Yes, I slept for 10 hours today! And then a little more. Sleeping always does wonders for my recovery. Can't wait for tomorrow's recovery run. It's amazing how we get caught up in work and other banalities of life and neglect sleep. The week leading up to the National Marathon was very stressful for me. There were last minute deliverables that resulted in consecutive 20 hour work days. Tomorrow, work raises its ugly head. Till then, some more tea and nap.

Meanwhile, runindc made this cool video about the National Marathon.


RuninDC said...

Thank you very much for posting my video. I enjoyed reading your blog and see that you were also in NOLA. NOLA holds a special place in my heart, and I was deeply touched.


What The Run said...

Thanks, Chito for the video! Really cool. I wish you did not have the "runs" on Saturday.

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