Mar 11, 2010

Wednesday: Running together

Running is a solo sport. One of the reasons I took up running than any other sport was you don't need acceptance by any team. This is similar to what Feynman observed about honors. You are not judged by anyone unless you voluntarily sign up for races and often nobody gives a damn about race results. There are no rules to be followed de rigueur and you are your own critic. Your only friend could be your running shoes or probably your GPS watch, and still you will do fine.

But running with a partner takes the sport to a different level. I'm a big fan of conversing while running. I often find it odd that I'm the only one who likes to jabber with strangers during marathons. All the camaraderie at the start line somehow vanishes as the miles are crossed.

Jay and I have been running for a while together and we talk about everything under the Sun while training. Today's run was supposed to be a joint run but Mr. Goofballs confused the time and went to Jay's house almost half hour late. So, we had our individual runs separate. Today, I pushed the pedal a little hard at several points but took it easy on the distance for two upcoming runs on the weekend.

Distance: 7.21mi        Time: 58:06


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