May 31, 2010

Taper blues

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend, enjoyed your barbecues, and listened to Sousa. For those of you running races next weekend and (hopefully) tapering, this might be a very frustrating time - a three day weekend passes by and nothing to put on the training log. Any other time, this would've been a perfect opportunity to shoot for higher mileage. Oh well. So here's how my taper is progressing in the last few weeks:

Not running as much is making me restless. I can't seem to remember how a long run feels like! On the one hand, I'm drooling at the thought of running long distance and on the other I'm a little nervous.

Here is some general wisdom on tapering:

  • Sleep well (several days of 8+ hrs of sleep before the race).
  • Cut down caffeine
  • Reduce work stress (yeah, right!)
  • Relax, do yoga or, if you can, meditate.
  • Drink fluids. And then drink more.
  • I don't drink alcohol but if you do, stop it at least three weeks before the race.
  • Eat well


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