May 9, 2010

Sunday run: Marathon - 1

After a yucky weather last Sunday, Baltimore got a great weather this weekend that could make any runner go the extra mile. I was looking forward to today's run and planned to run 25 miles today. This planning is very unlike me but then given the last week's nasty weather, I had to take full advantage of today's weather.

The run was on the familiar Canton-Fort route but on my way to the Fort, I tripped on a pavement, fell, and busted my Gu packet. Fortunately, the backup packet came handy. On training runs that are 20 or less, I don't take Gu or water but I needed the encouragement for the extra 5 miles I was planning to put in.

25.2 miles @ 8.7 min/mile

A summary of the week that was:

Mon -  8 miles @ 7.5 min/mile
Tue  -  4 miles @ 7.2 min/mile
Wed -  3 miles @ 7.0 min/mile
Thu - 10 miles @ 7.8 min/mile
Fri -     8 miles @ 7.1 min/mile
Sat -  10.5 miles @ 8.0 min/mile
Sun - 25.2 miles @ 8.7 min/mile


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