Apr 2, 2010

Friday: Fort run

11.97 mi @ 8:05min/mile
Running to the Fort never bores me. I've been on this route so many times that I know exactly where the potholes are, where the curb is broken, and where to watch for gravel. But one thing I figured today was if you need to drink water and the Fort is closed, it can be tricky. Luckily the Science Center was open and I got a sip from the fountain. Lunch was a big burrito and I repented eating that. Not only it made me thirsty but also burritos give you that false sense of being full. Towards the end of my run, I was out of gas and had no desire to run but the promise of a tall glass of chocolate milk kept me going. It was 12 miles and I called it a day (for running).

Next week will be a very busy week but looking forward to the Cherry Blossom run on Sunday. I usually don't sign up for small races unless they are in Baltimore but after hearing so much about it, I decided to do it this year. Also thanks to a friend who gave her entry!


The Running Moron said...

The Cherry Blossom isn't exactly small with 15,000 runners. Although it seems all the people I was going to run with bailed, so it'll be more like 14,996. But I'll see you there!

What The Run said...

Yep, you're right. I meant small distance races.

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