Feb 14, 2010

Sunday: Tale of two runs

Today's running was somewhat crazy. This was supposed to be my last long run before NOLA and I was planning to knock it off in the morning with Jay. But Jay called in sick just before I started so I ran alone in the morning. It was an almost perfect run with minimal traffic even though I was running through Harford Rd., one of the busiest streets in Baltimore. I met a long time Unitarian Universalist friend somewhere half way during my run and decided to join the Sunday congregation today after a long time. So, I ended up running only around 10 miles in the morning. However, I was very satisfied with how the run had progressed.

The evening run was a different story altogether. There was a sickly sweet smell of love in the air and an incessant stream of cars on the road plying the Valentines to their dinner destinations. Of all places, I had to pick the Inner Harbor for my evening run. What was I thinking? Inner Harbor in Baltimore is well known for its places to eat. So there I was, running in midst of couples holding hands, lovestruck, in love, or at least appearing to be in love. All that heavy traffic on the roads added with lack of pavements to run made my evening run staggeringly slow. After a point, I stopped enjoying the run with having to slow down every few yards. That's when I called it a day for running making total distance run today to 16.7 miles.

Distance: 10.22mi     Time: 01:20:41

Distance: 6.51mi    Time: 57:25

Happy Valentine's day!


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