Jun 24, 2010

Training update: Last week

Training for Chicago is unlike anything I have done before. For the first time, I'm running according to a plan. Unlike standard template plans that spans 16 weeks or so that don't respond to your training, I'm taking my training on a week by week basis.

The other big change for me is running in Baltimore during summer. For the past 3 years, I've managed to escape to San Francisco during summer but this time I've to be here to make "progress" on my thesis. Running in 90+ degrees heat is a different experience and high intensity training is especially challenging. More updates on that soon.


abbi said...

I added your blog to my reader awhile ago and wanted to say hello! You are a far more experienced runner than myself but I'm with you on the heat...it's hot around here!

What The Run said...

@Abbi, thanks for stopping by. It's hot, indeed!

Trace said...

btw, it was a sunny 70 degrees today in SF!

What The Run said...

@Trace, I'm jealous :p

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